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Towards a Framework for Preventing Community Violence Among Youth


Abt (2016)


The author provides a new framework to understand how community violence affects the youth. The author proposes a new typology of violence on a continuum from violence at the home level, then at the school, community, gang, organized, and the state levels. The focus is on community violence as it affects children directly, whereas in other levels, the effect on children may be indirect.


This is not an experiment but rather a paper trying to advance our theoretical understanding of community violence.


The proposed community violence framework requires analyzing people, motivations, behaviors, place, and time as well as levels of prevention and of suppression and rehabilitation. Thinking of violence along these dimensions can help inform the type of policies to implement. For example, a primary prevention, people centered policy could involve Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and School-Based programs whereas if the needs are along the suppression and people or behavior dimensions, then the policy required would be something like problem-oriented policing.


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