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Strengthening Violence Prevention via Community Policing and Technological Innovation in Cooperation


This project proposes to strengthen the capacity of the Metropolitan Police Corps (CAM) in San Salvador through specialized training of CAM agents, to be offered by the National Academy of Public Security (ANSP) and which will include a community policing approach. In addition to this training, the project will provide CAM agents with new technology for crime reporting via cellular telephones with a specially-designed application. The expectation is that CAM agents that receive training in community policing techniques will develop a trust-based relationship with local citizens, thereby improving the flow of information and increasing the number and quality of crime reports in communities where CAM agents operate. Once they receive information, CAM agents will channel anonymous reports to a command center operated by the National Civil Police (PNC), which will provide guidance for policing interventions. In the short and medium term, the project seeks to reduce criminal activity in San Salvador.

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