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A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial Of Classroom-Based Mindfulness Meditation Compared To An Active


Britton et al. (2014)


The current study is a pilot trial to examine the effects of a nonelective, classroom-based, teacher- implemented, mindfulness meditation intervention on standard clinical measures of mental health and affect in middle school children.


A total of 101 healthy sixth-grade students (55 boys and 46 girls) were randomized to either the treatment or control condition. An Asian history course with daily mindfulness meditation practice, which included breathing exercises, raising awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and bodily sensations.


An African history course with a matched experiential activity.


Students in the meditation condition showed a decrease over time in: a) internalizing/externalizing their problems b) Attention problems c) Suicidal ideation/self-harm d) Emotional Disturbance

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